Technical Aids Service

Admissibility criteria for a technical aid for mobility, walking, orthosis or prosthesis

To obtain a technical aid funded by a government organization (RAMQ, SAAQ, CNESST, etc.), the person must:

  • provide a prescription confirming their diagnosis;
  • is eligible according to the criteria of the paying agency.

Available services

The following services are provided at the Constance-Lethbridge site, at the Satellite Centre or in the client's living environment (home, CHSLD, etc.):

  • Interdisciplinary evaluation of needs;
  • Design, manufacture, adjustment, maintenance and repair;
  • Technical, functional and clinical follow-up;
  • Sale of technical aids for daily activities.

Financing technical aids

The cost of technical aids is primarily covered by the following organizations:

If a client is not admissible for funding from the organizations listed above, partial or total costs may be paid by other organizations such as insurance companies,  Social Assistance and Social Solidarity Québec Veterans Affairs Canada, and various charitable organizations.

Specific mandate

The Technical Aids Service provides services throughout the Montreal region. Call us for more information!


Referrals must be sent to the Technical Aids Service by mail or by fax at 514-487-1756.

In all cases, a person must obtain a referral before coming to the Technical Aids Service from a medical specialist (orthopedist, physiatrist, neurologist, neurosurgeon, rheumatologist, geriatrician) specifying the diagnosis and the type of technical aid required for daily and long term use. If the request is for a revision of an exsisting aid, the initial prescription may suffice. The person requesting the revision must contact the Technical Aids Service reception to explain what the problem is with the current technical aid. If a new prescription is required, this will be verified before the receptionist schedules an appointment.

For orthopedic shoes a referral from a general physician is accepted.

The person making the referral and the client will be advised by telephone or in writing on the decision for admissibility to the Technical Aids Service.

For more information

Contact the Technical Aids Service at 514-487-1891 ext. 273 or toll-free at 1 866-487-1891.


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