Service for Assistive Technology – Motor Impairment


  • Children between 0 and 17 years of age (18 to 21 years old if their are still attending high school)
  • Clients with postural or motor disabilities requiring the use of assistive devices
  • Registered in another program at the Lethbridge-Layton-Mackay Rehabilitation Centre or not

Services offered

  • Assessment based on individual needs for assistive devices
  • Design and building custom assistive devices
  • Clinical support with regards to the use of assistive devices
  • Repair and maintenance services for wheelchairs and other assistive devices
  • Sale and distribution of adaptive aids and accessories

Available devices

  • Adapted stroller
  • Wheelchair
  • Walker
  • Adapted positionning
  • Standing Frame
  • Other assistive devices

Services are offered

  • At the Mackay Site
  • In the community (example: Mackay Centre School, Philip. E Layton School, Peter Hall School, Yaldei School)

To access services

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