Research and Knowledge Mobilization

The LLMRC is a proud founding member of  CRIR, the Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in Rehabilitation of Greater Montreal.

CRIR’s ambition is to better meet the needs of people of all ages with a physical disability. Its mission is to optimize the functional capacity, performance, participation and social inclusion of people living with physical disabilities through research in the domains of biomedical and psychosocial rehabilitation.

Our sites and other CRIR partners promote excellence in rehabilitation research and seek to expand innovative research to meet emerging priorities in the field, basing its success on interdisciplinarity and the integration of the biomedical and psychosocial aspects with the rehabilitation process.

A team coordinating research activities, under the Academic Affairs Directorate, is responsible for supporting local rehabilitation service delivery through knowledge mobilization, research and innovation to ensure an exceptional user experience.

Our services include

  • Guide research teams who wish to conduct projects on our sites
  • Organize activities to promote, share and translate knowledge
  • Accompany teams who have a new idea that they wish to explore further through a research project
  • Facilitate communication between researchers, clinicians, people with disabilities and their families with common research interests
  • Manage and monitor research activities at our sites
  • Support evidence-based decision making in rehabilitation

You can follow the projects of the research teams in our sites of the LLMRC and our activities on our website

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