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New dispensers will provide masks for continued protection against COVID-19

Nearly eight months after COVID-19 agents began reminding visitors and staff at CIUSSS sites about taking precautionary measures against the pandemic, these “gatekeepers” will gradually be disappearing from the entrances of CIUSSS facilities.

Mask dispensers are now being installed and will be added at more main entrances, as has been the case at other healthcare institutions in Montreal. For a little while longer, COVID-19 agents will help to smooth the transition by continuing to remind people about sanitary measures, while explaining how the mask dispensers work.

At the Jewish General Hospital, nearly 20 mask dispensers have been placed at the main entrance of various pavilions. COVID-19 agents will be on site until Saturday, November 19, to ensure that sanitary measures are respected and that those who do not cooperate will leave the hospital immediately. JGH staff members are also entitled to ask a patient or visitor to put on a mask. In addition, employees can call extension 5000 and ask a security agent to come and enforce the regulation.

As well, mask dispensers can be found at CLSC de Côte-des-Neiges; more of our CLSCs will receive them in mid-November. COVID-19 agents will be at CLSC entrances until Saturday, November 26.

As of Monday, November 21, COVID-19 agents at the SAPA (long-term care) sites will move from the entrances to the units. At the same time, mask dispensers will be installed at the entrances.

Although COVID-19 agents will now largely be absent, all CIUSSS employees and visitors must continue to disinfect their hands and must always wear a mask upon entering our CIUSSS’s facilities. (Masks may be removed only while eating and drinking.) Similarly, physical distancing must be respected.

A big thank-you goes out to all of the COVID-19 agents who, since March 28, have enforced compliance with the sanitary rules in our CIUSSS’s facilities.

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